A Tribute to Danielle … 10 Years Later

As the 10th anniversary of her passing approaches, Keefe Law Firm honors our brave client, Danielle Gruskowski, and her family. Take a moment to read Danielle’s story and learn about the lasting impact she continues to have in educating the world on Rett Syndrome:
“It is impossible to forget someone as special as Danielle who has meant the world to me …. She lives in my heart and will remain there forever” Diane Gruskowski – Mom
“My precious niece Danielle has opened up doors for so many people with developmental disabilities who are voiceless and helpless like she was.” Robin Turner – Aunt
10 years later, Danielle has been and continues to be a hero to so many families who have loved ones with developmental disabilities. Danielle was the inspiration for Danielle’s Law, Rett Syndrome Awareness Day in the State of New Jersey, (that was celebrated on Oct 16, 2012 with many activities throughout the month & wearing purple), as well as the Medical Examiner bill that was signed into law.
I have also asked the New Jersey Dept of Human Services to take a look at where we are at with Danielle’s Law and 2 of the prime sponsors, Senator Thomas Kean & Senator Joseph Vitale as it pertains to saving lives, and the good that has come out of her tragedy. Let’s make it known as we remember Danielle, 10 years later, and what a truly special angel Danielle was … on the anniversary of her death.


Robin Turner – Aunt
Diane Gruskowski – Mom