Another Defective Knee Replacement

Defective Aesculap Knee Implant

A second lawsuit has been filed against medical device company B. Braun regarding its Aesculap ceramic-coated knee replacement system. The suit was filed in Philadelphia County Court and represents 30 plaintiffs. Allegedly, B. Braun knew that the glue meant to adhere the implant to the patient’s bone does not bond, causing a loosening of the device–but failed to correct it or warn patients and doctors. B. Braun holds a German patent to correct this problem but did nothing to implement the fix. The FDA cleared the Aesculap knee for sale in the U.S. but did not require clinical trials of the device. This is common in the medical device world; only 5% of devices require clinical testing on humans as per the FDA’s process. In November 2018 a similar suit was filed on behalf of 25 patients in Los Angeles Superior Court.If you are in pain from a defective medical device, contact John E. Keefe Jr.

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