Attorney Christopher J. Keating Files Complaint For Employee With Over 4,500 Unpaid Hours Of Work

On August 10, 2020, Keefe Law Firm filed a Complaint in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Middlesex County, alleging that a New Jersey based company and its IT contractors failed to pay an employee wages for over 4,500 hours of work over the course of two years. Specifically, the Complaint alleges violations of New Jersey’s Wage Payment Law and Wage and Hour Law, as well as a claim for breach of contract. The Keefe Law Firm is seeking all owed wages, statutory damages, costs, attorney’s fees, and punitive damages on behalf of its client.

After filing the Complaint, Keefe Law Firm attorney Christopher J. Keating, Esq. was quoted in several news articles as stating, “New Jersey does not tolerate the exploitation of its workers. Our client is a family man who worked hard for thousands of hours to support his family and he received no payment for his services. Not a penny. He deserves to be paid his wages and to be treated with dignity and respect. Our firm will use all wage laws and employee protection statutes to secure justice for our client. We will make sure the defendants learn that exploiting their workers is not only immoral, it’s also a terrible business decision.”

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