Do Cameras Help When It Comes to Nursing Home Abuse?

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Have you seen the increasing reports of elder abuse and nursing home abuse in the news lately? It is a disturbing trend to which much of America is turning a blind eye. However, here in New Jersey, lawmakers are trying to make a difference, and it starts with catching those responsible for mistreating our seniors.

When It Comes to Nursing Home Abuse, Do Cameras Help?

All over the country, reports of nursing home aides using social media and smartphones to degrade and humiliate residents is happening more frequently. A report out of Iowa described how one aide captured a resident in her final moments and posted that she could “go at any minute” online. Another aide shared a photo of a resident’s soiled backside, sarcastically commenting “I love my job.” Instances like these are creeping up all over the country, but here in New Jersey, lawmakers are trying to turn the tables.

A program put in place by New Jersey law enforcement officials has allowed families to borrow micro-surveillance cameras to monitor home nursing aides who care for elderly family members. The cameras from this program have already caught many caregivers acting inappropriately, and now that program is being expanded.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino has announce that the hidden cam program will be expanded to include nursing home residents and their families. That means that anyone who is afraid their loved one is being abused by nursing home staff, and can’t afford a nanny cam, can borrow one of these micro-surveillance systems from the State.

Such cameras could not only catch nursing aides who are taking advantage of the elderly, they could also provide critical evidence and serve as a deterrent. This program expansion lets these healthcare workers know they are being watched, and that can prevent abuse as well as catch it.

The elder abuse and nursing home abuse lawyers at Keefe Law Firm want to remind you of the importance of looking out for seniors—don’t let negligent facilities and staff take advantage of your family.

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