Can Mediation Be the Solution for a Construction Accident?

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Working on a construction site can be very hazardous. There is heavy equipment, construction materials that can get out of hand, and scaffolding that takes workers high above the ground. Any of these hazards can cause a serious injury to workers, but no one expected that something as simple as dust could cause a construction accident.

When Mediation Is the Best Solution for a Construction Accident

On November 15, 2013, a worker for a subcontractor was on scaffolding while working at a jobsite. As he was attending to his duty, dust and debris fell into his eyes causing him to stagger backward. The movement took him over the edge of the scaffold and he fell to the ground.

The worker was rushed to the hospital where doctors found fractures in his T12-T13 spinal bones. He went into surgery, but the spinal injury was complete, and the worker became a paraplegic.

The worker then went on to file suit, contending that his employer and the controlling contractor on the site neglected accepted construction site safety standards. Among the suit’s claims were: failure to arrange regular inspections of scaffolding, failure to fully plank scaffolding, failure to provide guardrails or an access ladder, failure to require that workers wear fall protection, and failure to properly train workers.

After two mediation sessions with Keefe Law Firm’s retired Appellate Division judge, John Keefe Sr., all parties settled their grievances, and the injured construction worker received  a total of $8.225 million in settlement.

When it comes to lawsuits, going to court can be both expensive and time consuming. However, there are alternative solutions to the typical legal routes. To learn more about these solutions, keep following our experienced judges of counsel here at Keefe Law Firm.

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