Does My Car Insurance Carrier Represent Me?

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You pay a monthly insurance premium to your provider in exchange for certain protections in the event that you are in an accident. Thus, your car insurance carrier should represent you in the event that you cause an accident and another party files a claim against you. In this video, attorney John Gregory explains the duty that your insurance company owes you and what you can do if your insurer fails this duty. He also explains what types of benefits an insurance company may owe you in the event of an accident.

Video Transcription:

Your own insurance company should represent your interests the problem is sometimes they don’t, and that’s why we’re here. To help you make sure that your insurance company is doing what they should be doing for you. And by that I mean you may have had an insurance company for years and you’ve been paying premiums to them for years. The reason that you’re paying premiums to your insurance company is for that very reason: you need insurance. Sometimes things happen. You need your insurance company to go to bat for you and where people have been injured in a car accident, they need medical bills paid, they need property damages claim. Oftentimes, their insurance provides coverage if they’re out of work. So, yes, the answer is your insurance company should be helping you out and should be providing you benefits under your own insurance policy. But the story doesn’t end there, because the person or company or what have you that has caused the accident, they typically should also have insurance. That insurance should also provide you benefits for any injuries that you may have suffered or, again, to the extent you’ve been unable to work after an accident, they should be providing you income benefits for lost wages or things like that. Here at the Keefe Law Firm, we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000; visit us at