The Car Seat Defect Behind Honda’s Massive Minivan Recall

Photo of Children sitting in strollers in park

Honda is recalling 641,302 of its Odyssey minivans in the US due to a car seat defect. Specifically, it has recalled and put a stop-order on 2011 through 2016 Odyssey minivans. According to Honda, the mechanism that tilts and slides second-row seats forward does not lock into place when returned to the normal position.

Honda claims the defect can injure passengers during car accidents or heavy braking. Although the automaker has not received any reports of injuries, complaints from consumers suggest this defect is dangerous to children. According to two complaints from 2011, the second-row seats flipped forward or detached after light braking. These complaints claim children suffered cuts and bruises after being slammed into the back of the front seats.

If you own this vehicle, you can receive free repairs at your local dealership. Honda claims it will not have enough parts to perform repairs until spring. What is interesting about this case, is that Honda received complaints about the defect six years ago, but is only now issuing a recall.

How Can You Check for Car Seat Safety Defects?

Automakers issue recalls every year, for car seat defects and other auto parts. Checking for recalls is an easy process that can be done from home or on your smart phone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) operates a website ( where you can check to see if your vehicle has recalled parts.

Type your vehicle identification number (VIN) into the website’s search engine. This number can almost always be found on your car insurance policy card. Once you input the VIN, NHTSA’s website will show if your vehicle needs repairs. If your vehicle has defects, call your local dealership to schedule repairs.

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