Confidential Settlement in New Jersey Mesothelioma Case

Photo of a nurse giving out medicine to a patient

Keefe Law Firm represented a successful New Jersey mesothelioma case involving a naval aircraft carrier. In this case, the client worked for a brief period (from 1959-60) as a pipe coverer’s assistant on the U. S. S. Kitty Hawk, an aircraft carrier, while the ship was in dry dock at the New York Shipyards in Camden, New Jersey. His job was to help insulate the Kitty Hawk’s many steam pipes. However, the tubes used to cover these pipes contained asbestos.

Asbestos is a mineral which is mined from the ground. It comes in different forms, the most common being chrysotile asbestos. Due to its fire resistant qualities, asbestos was once used a filler in many types of products, including insulation materials. However, inhalation of microscopic asbestos fibers can lead to mesothelioma, a malignant lung cancer.

While preparing the case, our attorneys found that even brief periods of asbestos exposure increases the risk of developing mesothelioma. Our client was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1989, almost 30 years from the last time he was exposed to the asbestos insulation. Tragically, he died at the age of 47.

Our mesothelioma lawyer tried this case to a successful result despite some difficulties, such as a judge who showed no sympathy to our client’s case. Nevertheless, our law firm developed proofs of the types of asbestos used on the Kitty Hawk. This information as well as testimony by medical experts helped our team recover compensation for our client’s family. The verdict in this case is confidential.

Call Mesothelioma Lawyers with a Record of Success

Our team of mesothelioma lawyers have represented thousands of asbestos lawsuits. Our clients have worked at sites throughout New Jersey, including plants such as Johns-Manville in Manville, Bristol-Myers Squibb in North Brunswick and Lawrenceville, American Cyanimid in Bound Brook, all of the PSE & G sites, the Todd Shipyards in Hoboken, and many more. However, our clients are not only from New Jersey. We have a history of successful cases across New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida to name but a few.

Many people predicted that the number of individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma would decrease as we move forward. However, the exact opposite result has occurred. Due to this fact, the attorneys at Keefe Law Firm have and will continue to represent asbestos exposure victims. If you would like more information about any issue regarding an asbestos lawsuit, contact us online or call 877-288-9247 today.