CT Scan Radiation Overdose Investigation

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The attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are investigating claims of hundreds of patients that have reported serious side effects linked to a radiation overdose suffered while undergoing brain perfusion CT scans in hospitals throughout the country, including California, Alabama, and Florida as well as other states. Perfusion CT scans are usually conducted when doctors suspect a patient may have had a stroke. These reports have provoked a nationwide FDA investigation into these claims, and the lawyers at Keefe Law Firm are providing free consultations to anyone who feels they may have been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation while undergoing a perfusion CT scan.

CT Scan Radiation Overdose Investigation

Patients began complaining of random hair loss and skin reddening after undergoing the CT scan for stroke like symptoms. Upon investigation, it was found that these CT scan machines, manufactured by GE Healthcare and Toshiba, were set to a radiation level that far exceeded the safe or necessary level. At many imaging centers across the country, this problem went undetected for at least the past 18 months.

For example, some Alabama patients were subjected to an increased level of radiation up to 13 times greater than the amount of radiation generally used in a perfusion CT scan. An inquiry by GE Healthcare found that in some cases technicians knowingly used high levels of radiation to get clearer images. Experts told The New York Times that such a practice is “unjustified and potentially dangerous.”

The New York Times report also stated the FDA had no idea about how bad the overdoses at Huntsville Hospital in Alabama were until the Times itself made the agency aware. Presently, the FDA is expanding its investigation involving the potentially dangerous elevated radiation levels that these patients were exposed to during their perfusion CT scans.

Radiation overdose symptoms and side effects

Radiation overdose symptoms can include: headache, memory loss, random hair loss, nausea, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Side effects from radiation overdose can be severe and increase the probability of contracting diseases such as cancers, tumors and genetic damage.

Are you a victim of CT Scan Radiation Overdose?

The radiation overdose attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are hard at work doing their part to protect the public from dangers associated with CT Scan Radiation Overdose. If you or a loved one have undergone a perfusion CT Scan and have experienced the above symptoms and/or side effects, contact us immediately to speak with an attorney, as you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. All consultations are 100% free of charge.