Damages Awarded in Wrongful Death Case

Photo of Wrongful Death Funeral with Pallbearers

John E. Gregory, Jr. successfully arbitrated a case involving the wrongful death of an eighteen year old son and brother who died as a result of a one vehicle drunk driving accident. It was a tragic accident that involved long-time childhood friends. On a winter’s evening several adults purchased and provided copious amounts of alcohol to a group of underage kids.  One of the friends consumed excessive amounts of alcohol and wound behind the wheel driving two of his other friends. The drunk driver collided with a tree at excessive rates of speed, resulting in the death of a young man taken too early. The drunk driver is presently incarcerated for his involvement in the accident and will be for some time.

Mr. Gregory represented the family and Estate of the young man who died, pursuing claims against the drunk driver and the adults who provided alcohol to the underage group of friends. Mr. Gregory recently presented the case to retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge Bette E. Uhrmacher for decision on liability and damages. Over vigorous objection and defenses to Mr. Gregory’s case, Judge Uhrmacher ruled in favor of the family and Estate of the young victim finding the drunk driver and the providers of the alcohol were responsible for the accident and the young man’s death. Judge Uhrmacher awarded damages consistent with New Jersey law to the family and the Estate.