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The attorneys at the Keefe law firm are ready to represent you and answer all your real estate questions. Attorney Michael Convery explains the process they go through when it comes to your real estate transaction, negotiating terms of contract, and watching out for any pitfalls. It’s a must to know the process behind purchasing real estate property and the financing issues that can arise. Watch as Michael Convery explains his experience with real estate law and how he can help you throughout the process.

Video Transcription

Well, at the firm when we represent a client on a real estate transaction, you know, we negotiate the terms of the contract for the client. So we’re well able to see any pitfalls that the contracts might have. We also understand the process of a real estate transaction, and there’s a lot of time frame issues in that process that have to be satisfied. Certainly the inspection of a residential real estate property is a very important part of the process because you have to know what it is that you’re purchasing and you certainly have to be able to identify the defects that may exist in a residential piece of property. But, you know, beyond that the closing process gets a little bit more stressful when the financing issues get involved. Because, again, the banks have had a lot of changes in their requirements and the vetting of a client in order to obtain a mortgage loan has become more difficult in recent years. So in assisting the client through that process it becomes more of a specialty to be able to know what banks need and to assist them through the mortgage process and obtaining a loan. Here at the Keefe law firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at