What Are the Effects of Nursing Home Negligence?

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When an elderly parent’s needs become too great for their children to bear, they are often sent to senior care centers or nursing homes. These facilities are manned by trained professionals who are supposed to help the elderly maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. However, some facilities fall short of this mark, and when this nursing home negligence occurs, the results can be deadly.

What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Negligence

In Oradell Health Care Center, a 90-year-old woman from Bergenfield was recovering from a fractured hip when she was put on bed rest for 100 days. At the end of that time, the woman was released back into the care of her family. It wasn’t until they got home that the family made a horrifying discovery.

The 90-year-old had a stage 4 decubitus ulcer, one of the worse types of bedsores a person can get. They rushed the woman to the hospital where they were told the sore had festered into the woman’s bowels. The doctors concluded that she had sepsis, and there was little they could do other than make the woman comfortable. The family and 90-year-old returned home, where the woman later passed.

Bedsores can develop on the elderly when they are confined to bed and not turned periodically. This turning is a regular duty that all nursing homes must do for any patient who can’t leave their bed. This is also a duty that may have been neglected, and now this family wants to know why. They have contacted an attorney and are taking this case of negligence to court. They claim that Oradell Health Care Center violated the New Jersey Nursing Home Responsibility and Rights of Residents Act. Do you think they have a case?

The nursing home abuse lawyers of the Keefe Law Firm have seen many negligence casescome see what you can do if your loved one falls victim to this kind of abuse.

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