Are Hoverboards Still Dangerous to Consumers?

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It was early morning in Dumont, New Jersey as fire fighters arrived at a house on Hazel Street. The structure was burning from the basement and into the kitchen and the firemen were able to put it out quickly, though it took hours to put out the various hotspots that were started. So, what caused this sudden blaze? Would you believe it was a device at the center of a consumer safety scandal that’s about two years old?

The Hoverboard Problem Isn’t Solved Yet

During the Christmas season of 2015, self-balancing scooters called hoverboards were all the rage. Viral videos circulated across the web of people who were unable to control these devices. Though many found these videos humorous, they highlighted how difficult controlling a hoverboard could be. Many people were injured in these crashes, but the device’s erratic steering wasn’t the reason consumer safety recalls started to roll in for hoverboards.

Many of the hoverboard brands used substandard parts that were constantly malfunctioning. Some of these devices would catch fire as people were riding them, others would ignite while charging. These incidents were blamed on faulty lithium-ion battery units and caused over 500,000 units to be recalled. Two years later, most consumers would be tempted to believe that these dangerous products are not still out there endangering the public, but they would be wrong.

The fire in Dumont was blamed on a charging hoverboard, though the sensation and recalls over this product are two years old. As of November 14th, seven more hoverboard brands have been recalled over fire issues, so you and your family need to remain vigilant. And if you suspect one of these defective devices damaged your home or hurt your family, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. Trained legal professionals know what your rights are when it comes to defective products, and they can help you pick up the pieces after an incident.

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