Keefe Law Firm secures $785,000 verdict on behalf of Newark man for civil right and violations

Image of Lady Justice with sword and scales

Newark, NJ: An Essex County, New Jersey jury awarded a Newark man $785,000 for being wrongfully arrested and imprisoned for 490 days for crimes he did not commit. The plaintiff was represented by Keefe Law Firm.

The plaintiff was arrested for the alleged attempted murder of one woman and later charged with the murder of another. He spent 490 days in jail before the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed all charges.
The plaintiff subsequently sued alleging false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
At a jury trial before the Hon. Edith Payne J.S.C., the jury found that a detective with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office was responsible for falsely arresting, imprisoning and maliciously prosecuting the Newark man as well as intentionally inflicting emotional distress and awarded $785,000 to him.
“This case is a perfect example of the importance of jury trials in our civil justice system. It is always difficult to ask citizens to judge the actions of police officers. Despite this difficult task, the jury courageously held the detective responsible for violating the plaintiff’s civil rights,” stated a Keefe partner.
“This verdict underscores the importance of giving a voice to citizens who have been deprived of their basic civil rights by the very people who took an oath to uphold and protect those rights. The jury made the right decision in holding the detective accountable for his egregious misconduct and granting our client the justice that he deserves,” said a Keefe attorney.
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