Keefe Law Firm Fights to Help Employees Recover Commission Payments

Attorney John E. Keefe, Jr.

Following a year of hard-fought litigation, Keefe Law Firm attorneys John E. Keefe, Jr., Esq. and Paul A. DiGiorgio, Esq. thwarted Heartland Payment Systems’ (HPS) latest attempt to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought against them by a group of former employees. The suit involves HPS, which is now a Global Payments company, attempting to deny ex-employees commissions.

In the class action suit, the ex-HPS employees allege that when they were hired as commission-only sales personnel, they were promised that once they attained vested status, they would retain ownership of commissions for their customers for the life of the account. However, the former HPS employees claim that their ex-employer has since wrongfully stopped paying them their vested commissions. Potentially, hundreds of ex-employees are being wrongfully denied their vested commissions. Combined, the commissions those employees are missing out on adds up to several millions of dollars in lost income.

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