Keefe Law Firm Launches Defective Medical Devices Website

Between 2008-2018, defective medical devices caused over 80,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of unnecessary, painful and costly revision surgeries worldwide. In fact, 6,000 patients had to have their Pinnacle Hip replacements removed and replaced in the U.S. alone. These faulty products were sold in some instances because the FDA permits the sale of devices that have not been tested.

To inform and protect people from the physical, emotional and financial harm caused by defective hip and knee implants, breast implants, surgical mesh and a host of other medical devices, Keefe Law Firm created Medical Device Watch, a website that provides consumers with in-depth information, industry news, alerts and recalls on a wide range of medical devices that are being used on or implanted in humans every day in our hospitals, surgery centers and other healthcare facilities.

The purpose of Keefe Law Firm’s new website is to provide consumers with the latest information on medical device products and their potential effects on patient health and wellness. Said John E. Keefe, Jr., managing partner and immediate past president of the New Jersey State Bar, “an alarmingly high percentage of today’s medical devices are not clinically tested on humans before they hit the market.  Keefe Law Firm believes that consumers have a right to know if a product is defective before it is implanted in their body. And, if that product fails, patients have a right to be made whole.  Keefe Law Firm has stood for hundreds of victims who have been harmed by defective medical implants”.

If you are considering surgery that involves an implanted medical device of any kind, be sure to check Medical Device Watch for recalls, alerts, and warnings on products ranging from surgical staplers to heart implants.

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