Is My Landlord Liable for Injuries Sustained on His or Her Property?

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In the simplest terms, the arrangement between you and your landlord should be that you pay the rent, and the landlord provides safe housing. When he or she fails to provide  safe housing, you may be able to sue the landlord for damages.

Is My Landlord Liable for My Injuries?

In order to prove premises liability, you have to show that your landlord was negligent in his or her action (or inaction). To show landlord liability, you have to prove all of the following:

  • Your injury is genuine
  • The injury occurred on the landlord’s property; and your landlord had a responsibility to maintain the property where you were injured
  • The landlord failed to properly maintain that piece of property
  • Your injury was caused by the hazard which your landlord failed to fix or warn you about
  • It would not have been unreasonably difficult or expensive to fix the problem or provide proper warnings

As an example, if you were hurt because your landlord failed to fix a broken step outside the front door, he or she may be liable for your injuries. If you can prove that he or she had a responsibility to fix the step, failed to do so, and that your  injury was caused by the unfixed problem, you could file a claim against the landlord.

Your landlord should value your safety and do everything possible to ensure it. If you’re injured because others were negligent, then they should be liable for the damage they’ve caused.