New Jersey Family Sues Mall After Son Injured in Horrific Accident

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A New Jersey family filed a personal injury lawsuit against a mall and escalator company after a horrific accident left their son disabled. According to the parents, they were Christmas shopping when tragedy struck. While going from the first to second floor, the mother heard her son screaming in pain. When she looked down, she saw that her son’s right foot had become trapped in an open gap on the escalator. A bystander pushed the emergency stop button on the escalator so the boy could be rescued.

A court document claims it took fire crews 20 to 30 minutes to free the boy, who was screaming in pain the entire time. The boy’s mother, father and aunt watched helplessly as the rescue operation unfolded. According to the lawsuit, the family and boy were traumatized by the incident.

The boy underwent multiple surgeries and had two toes amputated. In addition, the escalator skinned the rest of his toes. The lawsuit claims the boy is now disabled and has difficulty walking. Medical bills and multiple hospital visits have cost the family a considerable amount of money.

Has Does Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Help Victims of Negligence?

Businesses have an obligation to ensure their properties are well-maintained and safe for use. Patrons who are injured by negligent businesses suffer in multiple ways. They often face psychological and physical injuries, steep medical bills, lost income from being unable to return to work, a loss of enjoyment in life and permanent disability. Injured patrons or their families can file lawsuits against negligent businesses to recover damages that may help pay for some of these costs.

The New Jersey premises liability attorneys at Keefe Law Firm can help individuals and families who have been injured by negligent businesses and property owners.