Was a NJ Transit Bus Driver Caught Texting and Driving on Duty?

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Driving responsibly is the duty of every licensed driver on the road, but it’s especially important for professional and commercial drivers. That’s because these drivers are not only tasked with their own safety but the safety of the people they are transporting. So, if a bus driver is caught texting and driving, it can be a tremendous public safety issue. Now, a NJ Transit bus driver has been caught in the middle of just such a scandal.

Texting While Bus Driving – What Will NJ Transit Do?

A few weeks ago, a passenger on an NJ Transit bus looked up to see a disturbing sight. The bus driver was texting as the bus was cruising down the street. The passenger quickly pulled out his cellphone and began recording the driver. Later, he would post the video on Facebook.

The video showed the bus driver reading texts while holding the phone below the steering wheel, then the driver set his wrists on the wheel as he started typing into the phone. He did all this while the bus was visibly moving, and some say it appears that he is trying to hide the fact that he is texting and driving.

The passenger’s Facebook post drew an unexpected amount of angry comments and attention. Among those who saw the Facebook post was New Jersey Transit. One of the nation’s largest transportation authorities contacted the passenger on Facebook, and with his help, identified the driver in the video. That driver has been working for NJ Transit around 24 years. Officials say the man was removed from service immediately, but many are still troubled by this revelation.

Are there other NJ Transit drivers watching their cellphones instead of the road? Have there been previous accidents caused by this kind of negligence? What will transit authorities do to make sure something like this never happens again? All eyes are on NJ Transit, which is responsible for its employees’ actions and negligence. The distracted driving attorneys at Keefe Law Firm will also be watching, so keep checking in on our blog to learn more about your rights and making New Jersey a safer place.