Two Keefe Law Firm partners present at National Business Institute’s “Plaintiff’s Personal Injury From Start to Finish” November 20, 2013 in Edison, NJ


“Plaintiff’s Personal Injury From Start to Finish” sponsored by National Business Institute November 20, 2013 in Edison, NJ

Ensure A Favorable Finding for Your Client
An injury can impact the quality of someone’s life for years to come – or permanently. Representing an injured party is an enormous responsibility.
The techniques you use during a case will impact both your client’s future well-being and your viability as a competent practitioner. Do you have the knowledge and skills you need to ensure a favorable outcome? At this information-packed seminar, you’ll identify best practices for assessing a variety of personal injury cases, take a closer look at the statutes that govern liability and damages, and walk through the basics of settlement and litigation procedure. Whether this is your first case, or you just need a refresher, this is the course for you. Enroll today!