Do I Need a Lawyer for Residential Property Sales?

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Residential real estate transactions have become more complex as banking laws continue to change. Therefore, consulting with a lawyer for residential property sales can save you time and money, and help alleviate the confusion of buying a first home or real estate closings. In this video, attorney Michael Convery explains that the unexpected benefit of consulting an attorney for real estate matters is that you also get to know the law firm and can get advice on legal matters, such as estate planning, you may not have considered.

Video Transcription

If a new couple bought their first house and they came to the Keefe Law Firm for closings, it expands into other areas of practice as well. Very typically, people buying a new home don’t understand that they might need a will. And after they purchase they may have children and, you know, the firm is able to more or less bring them into other needs that they may have. Residential real estate is a good starting point. It brings a new client to the firm, which is an important thing because their needs as they get older and as they have children start to expand greater. And we can provide them other services after that as well. I believe that you do need a lawyer to buy residential property in New Jersey. Residential transactions have become more complex, especially with the changes in the banking laws. In recent years, banks have more requirements that have to be satisfied. And in meeting these requirements, I believe that a homeowner needs the assistance of a lawyer. Also, real estate closings are a very stressful transaction for most people that have never been through them before. And in my experience over the years that I’ve been representing clients in residential real estate, it’s clear to see that it’s probably the most expensive purchase that they’ve ever made before in their lives. And in assisting them through the stress that comes with that type of transaction, it can be a very big benefit to have someone from the firm coach them through that process. Here at the Keefe Law Firm, we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at