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Attorney Michael Convery Explains Variants

Both residential and commercial property throughout New Jersey is subject to a number of zoning laws and municipal ordinances. For property owners, a zoning problem can be overwhelming to deal with on their own, particularly if they have received a citation or need a variance. In this video, attorney Michael J. Convery explains zoning matters and how he can help people solve property issues and problems against municipalities.

Video Transcription:

Zoning in New Jersey’s is subject to the municipal land use law which is really the guideline for the way that properties can be developed in a certain area and there are certain restrictions and certain zones that will permit certain uses to be in that zone. There’s also some zones that allow for certain things if you get variants approval to put them in. So, in a particular zoning matter, if something is not permitted in a zone, you can seek approval to have it admitted if you get variants approval. I help people solve zoning problems if they had violations. It doesn’t happen too often. Most of the people follow the rules but there are circumstances where someone might be cited with a zoning violation and then what we would do is try to assist them in gaining compliance with the municipality.