Underpaid as a Recovery Worker for Superstorm Sandy?

Photo of homes damaged by a hurricane

Attorney Paul DiGiorgio Explains Prevailing Wage Cases

Were you a recovery worker in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy? If a recovery worker for Superstorm Sandy was underpaid, this is a violation of wage and hour laws which ensure public project workers are paid in full. Our firm represents workers who were not properly compensated after repairing the beaches and other public works projects in the aftermath of the storm. Here’s attorney Paul DiGiorgio to explain prevailing wages and why Superstorm Sandy recovery workers might be owed back pay.

Video Transcription:

So, currently we’re representing a large group of employees who worked in the recovery effort after Superstorm Sandy, largely in Barnegat Bay dredging the over washed sand from the barrier island and replacing it back onto the beach to rebuild the beach, the sand bar, and the sand dunes on the local beaches. That’s a prevailing wage case, which is a law that protects workers and makes sure that they make as much as union workers would make performing the same type of work. Whether a worker performed any work on that project or anything similar to it, a project that involved public funds or was performed on public land, I can help them make sure that they get the prevailing wage which can be quite high and a lot of employers don’t understand that area of the law as well, and I would love to give anyone a consultation who performed a craft, a compensable craft that a union would normally perform on public land or on a project that used public funds because the rewards can be very, very high.