What Are My Rights Regarding Wages and Breaks?

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State and federal laws guarantee eligible employees certain rights regarding wages and breaks. However, some employers, intentionally or unintentionally, continue to violate these laws. In this video, attorney Paul DiGiorgio explains why overtime violations are a common type of employment law claim that he handles. He also discusses the complexity of these laws and why companies may fail to accurately calculate an employee’s wages.

Video Transcription

Sophisticated employers are still violating many of the laws, state and federal. The most prevalent violation that I see is overtime violations. Employers just simply don’t know how to calculate it properly, especially if it’s an employee who works at multiple different rates or different job titles in the same pay week. It quite often is a violation. And many, many corporations that I’ve sued and defended in my career made mistakes in terms of not capturing all of an employee’s compensable time throughout a workday. So, it’s making sure that employees and workmen, workers get all that they deserve. All that they’re supposed to have been paid. All that they’re owed. Whether it’s a function of not getting as much overtime pay as they should have gotten—some situations, where employees are working off the clock and not getting paid for the entire day. Unpaid breaks. Those types of things. Here at the Keefe Law Firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866)575-5000. Visit us at www.Keefe-LawFirm.com.