What Is Litigation?

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Attorney Stephen Sullivan describes every legal case as different, with different issues that have to be considered. Cases may take between a year and two years to come to a conclusion of discovery and readiness for trial. Sullivan describes litigation as time intensive, and something he doesn’t want to rush. Certain elements of the case could be missed. Litigation should not be done quickly but efficiently. Find out more about attorney Stephen Sullivan’s techniques in handling a case in this video.

Video Transcription:

Every case is different. Every case is individually analyzed and there are different issues that we have to consider. And what we normally tell people is that a case may take between a year and two years to come to the conclusion of discovery and readiness for trial. But it is dependent upon the actual case itself. Litigation is not easy, it is time intensive, it is to some people the most important thing going on in their life at that time. And we don’t want to rush them, we don’t want to move to quickly where we’re not prepared, where we miss elements of the case, where we miss elements of damages. So, litigation if it’s done correctly is done not quickly but efficiently. We have to consider what the client wants, there are certain clients that need to resolve the case now for either personal reasons or financial reasons, and that’s why it’s important to always have communications and understand what the objectives are of the client and the case. There are times, however, where we believe that in offer is too low and we’ll communicate that to the client, communicate that we should develop the case further, we should put pressure as necessary on the defendant so that we may be able to find a better solution a more reasonable solution for the client. Here at the Keefe law firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at Keefe-LawFirm.com