What Should You Tell Police At the Scene of an Accident?

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When an accident has just occurred police arriving at scene are going to want to ask a few question. Mostly just to assess if you need any medical attention. An officer might call for an ambulance or tend to your needs themselves. Watch this video as attorney John Gregory explains what might go on at the scene of an accident and how an officer might be able to help with the alarm and shock of being in an accident.

Video Transcription

Oftentimes a police officer who’s investigating an accident that just occurred is going to ask you some questions about how you’re feeling, if you’re okay, have you been injured. And the reason the police officer is doing that is to see if he or she can provide you with medical assistance, by either calling an ambulance, or tending to you themselves. If you’re injured and you’re feeling discomfort, or you’re feeling hurt at an accident scene, let the police officer know. People think they’re fine, they’re startled, they’re in shock, they just want to get home, they just want to get home to their kids, maybe they have kids in the car with them, they were in the middle of an errand, they’re not thinking. If you’re hurt let the police officer know that, ask for medical professionals that come and take a look at you, and let them make an assessment of you as medical professionals during this time where you may not be feeling your best and you may be a little surprised and alarmed and shocked at what just happened. Here at the Keefe law firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at Keefe-LawFirm.com