Why Do Insurance Companies Try to Settle After an Accident?

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A common tactic of an insurance company may be to quickly settle after an accident. It may look best at face value, but they may be trying to resolve issues before a lawyer can represent a client. The lawyers at the Keefe law firm are skilled in handling accident cases involving injured clients. Watch this video as attorney John Gregory explains how hiring a lawyer can help you avoid being taken advantage of by an insurance company.

Video Transcription

One thing we see are that insurance companies, or private companies who have been involved with an accident, or their insurers have been involved with an accident will reach out to one of our injured clients, sometimes before they’ve retained us, to offer them a resolution of whatever happened. They may offer them a settlement check that on its face looks like it may be sufficient for what happened to them. And what the insurance company is trying to do is get to this injured person before they can be adequately represented by a skilled attorney. And they’re trying to cut their losses when they know that they’re responsible for the accident, and they know they’re responsible for the injuries of this person. That’s why it’s so important for people who’ve been in an accident to contact a skilled lawyer like myself, like the other attorneys here at the Keefe law firm. To make sure that they’re not taken advantage of by an insurance company or a private company who wants to wash their hands of what they just did. Here at the Keefe law firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at Keefe-LawFirm.com