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Have you been wronged by your financial advisor or stock broker?

Investment Fraud AttorneysKeefe Law Firm is committed to recovering financial losses for victims of fraudulent conduct by stock brokers and financial advisors.  We seek compensation on behalf of individual investors who have lost their savings because of their brokers’ misconduct or fraud. Broker misconduct or outright fraud take many forms.  Some are easy to detect, others require careful investigation and analysis.

The most common example of this type of fraud is called “churning” – which is the excessive buying and selling of securities in your account to generate commissions that benefit the broker and reduce the value of your portfolio.  Other examples involve investment choices that are unsuitable to your needs and risk tolerance, based on your age and other factors. We can hold the stock broker liable for such conduct, as well as his investment firm if it did not supervise the broker properly.

We represent investors who lost money as a result of broker misconduct or fraudulent activities such as:

  • Excessive trading or account “churning”
  • Unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Lack of diversification or over-concentration
  • Recommendations that lack reasonable basis
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Sales of fraudulent investments
  • Misrepresentations or false promises
  • Failure to disclose risks
  • Unvetted investment products
  • Sales of unapproved investments
  • Theft of customer funds
  • Sales of Ponzi scheme investments

Many investors are unaware that they are being taken advantage of, and should consult with our lawyers to determine if they have suffered any losses due to unscrupulous investors.

Most investment professionals are honest and take their duties very seriously.  In fact, we are sometimes contacted by investment professionals who bring to our attention questionable transactions in their new “customer” accounts by previous advisors.  Those few financial advisors who are dishonest, however, can wreak havoc with an investor’s life savings.

We often see one or more of these products or transactions in cases that involve broker misconduct and fraud:

  • Oil and gas investments
  • Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”)
  • Variable annuities
  • Investments in real estate
  • Tenant-in-common (“TICs”) programs
  • Collateralized mortgage obligations
  • Collateralized debt obligations
  • Auction rate securities
  • Asset backed obligations
  • Private placements
  • Hedge funds
  • Algorithmic trading (“formula-based” trading)
  • Alternative investments
  • High-yield bonds
  • Commodities
  • Options and margin trading
  • Forex
  • Offshore funds
  • Promissory notes

To be sure, these products are not necessarily fraudulent or inappropriate.  However, our experience is that fraudulent or inappropriate conduct by investment professionals often involves some of these products.

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Keefe Law Firm has a long history of helping victims recover losses from many types of fraud. We represent victims of investment fraud, against financial institutions that failed to discharge their duties and protect the investing public. Each case is different and our past successes are not indicative of future results; we will be glad to review your case and advise you as to your options, at no charge.

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