Infection Due to the Stockert 3T Medical Device?

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When you take the risk to undergo a surgical procedure, you have the right to expect that the equipment used during the surgery will not be infected life-threatening bacteria. However, the contamination of the Stockert 3T devices in their manufacturing facility have left many people with life-threatening infections and some have even lost their life. Stockert 3T is a device that uses a water tank and a circulation system to warm and cool blood for a patient during surgery. Depending on where the machine is located in the operating room, variables such as a fan on the machine can spread the deadly bacteria such as M. chimaera across the operating room. If the patient is exposed during surgery, this bacterium can cause a variety of complications.

If you experienced an infection or other complications due to surgery involving the Stockert 3T device, contact Keefe Law Firm today. Our New Jersey defective medical device attorneys are currently reviewing cases concerning infection due to blood heating and cooling devices. We will investigate your situation and advise if you may be able to file a lawsuit or join an ongoing multidistrict litigation (MDL). Contact us today for a free consultation and to begin the process of recovering from your losses today.

Who Is Responsible for a Defective Medical Device?

In any medical situation, there are many different parties that are involved in a surgical procedure. When filing a claim, we must ensure inclusion of all potential defendants to properly assign liability and responsibility. As experienced defective medical device attorneys, we will consider every party involved in the distribution of a medical device. These parties could include:

  • Original manufacturer:Because of the expanding market for medical devices and the technical challenges involved in developing medical equipment, the manufacturer is typically a multimillion-dollar company. This means that they have the resources to compensate for their mistakes, but they also are focused on maintaining their assets.
  • Testing laboratory: All medical devices should be involved in rigorous testing. In our investigation, we will include any testing laboratories that performed tests on the Stockert 3T device, especially if they are independent from the manufacturer.
  • Medical sales representative: There is a reason that this specific device was in your operating room. In some instances, a salesperson knows the potential risks of a device, but chooses to sell them anyway. These representatives may be liable if they recommended the medical device that injured you or caused further complications.
  • Doctor or medical team: The doctors who recommended or use the medical device may be liable if they fail to warn you about potential dangers or if they do not provide adequate instructions regarding the proper use of the medical device to the medical team. For instance, if the Stockert 3T device was incorrectly placed in the operating room, the medical team may be held responsible for the infection.
  • Hospital: Any company, including the hospital that chooses to use a certain medical device could be held liable for your injuries or complications. When facing a hospital in a claim, you should rely on an experienced attorney to represent you against the hospital’s legal team.

How Is the Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler Defective?

Many patients have contracted dangerous infections due to a bacteria called M. chimaera as a result of contaminated Stockert 3T heater-cooler machines used during heart surgery. Victims of this defective medical machinery have often undergone painful, complicated efforts to recover due to misdiagnoses and some have died as a result of this contaminated product.

The Stockert 3T product was used in over half of all open-heart surgeries in America. Patients across America who have been diagnosed with post-open-heart surgery infections, have begun to file lawsuits against LivaNova PLC.

Do I qualify to participate in the Stockert Lawsuit?

If you had open-heart surgery and have been diagnosed with an infection, contact Keefe Law Firm today. Most of the victims that we represent have been diagnosed with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) or M. chimaera infections, but some victims have also been diagnosed with mycobacteria or mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) and still qualify to be compensated for damages. In order to properly evaluate the evidence in your case, we would like to speak with you about your experience.

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