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New Jersey real estate law can make buying or selling a house or commercial property a complex and stressful process. The attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are here to guide you through each and every turn from contract to closing. You may be seeking a property tax reduction, or may need assistance with zoning or land use approvals, or the review of a lease.. In some cases, you may find yourself confronting unforeseen obstacles and need the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side in order to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

At Keefe Law Firm, our leading real estate attorney, Michael J. Convery, has over 20 years of real estate experience. He has handled thousands of transactions in his career and can answer any and all legal questions you may have. A trusted lawyer is essential for property transactions, as these transactions are amongst the most important transactions an individual or company will ever undertake.

How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help Me?

Even relatively straightforward transactions typically require a real estate lawyer. At Keefe Law Firm, we assist home owners through residential and commercial real estate purchases and sales, including issues such as:

  • Contract negotiations. A real estate contract sets out the financial agreement between both parties as well as any additional terms and conditions. Your attorney can draft, negotiate and finalize your real estate sales contract.
  • Inspection issues. Depending on the property, you may require several different types of inspections. An attorney can explain and coordinate these services, and also advise you of your options if the inspections reveal problems.
  • Title review. Before closing on your new home or commercial property, an attorney can evaluate the title to ensure everything is in order.
  • Lender loan review. If you are working with a bank or mortgage lender, then a real estate attorney can examine the loan documents. This can help you avoid future problems.
  • Closing documentation. In New Jersey, certain documentation is required in order to transfer title to property. A real estate lawyer will prepare the deed, affidavit of title, settlement statement and any other necessary documents.
  • Property tax issues. In some cases, your property taxes may be over-assessed, and you may need to file a property tax appeal. Often times these appeals are complex, and require a skilled attorney.
  • Commercial and residential refinances. If you own a home, then one of our lawyers can assist you with a refinance to lower your interest rate or monthly payments. You may also be able to obtain cash from your home’s equity or obtain a second mortgage.

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Whether you are purchasing your dream house or moving into your first commercial location, our goal at Keefe Law Firm is to replace your worry with confidence in a smooth transaction. By contacting our office, you can get the protection that you deserve with all of your real estate needs. We have offices throughout New Jersey, including locations in Newark, Red Bank, New Brunswick and Point Pleasant.

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