How Injured Workers Can Prove Fault Following a Construction Accident

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In the wake of a construction accident, injured workers and their families often face a mountain of hardships, including hospital bills, loss of income if the injury prevents the victim from going back to work and the challenge of recovering from a catastrophic injury. On top of all that, workers may have a legal battle on their hands if their injury was the fault of a co-worker, contractor or other third party or their employer.

What Can Attorneys Do to Help Injured Workers Following a Construction Accident?

Injured workers and their families should be concentrating on their recovery and nothing else following a construction accident. However, if the investigation into their accident is not conducted immediately following the incident, it could cost them the opportunity to hold those at fault for their injuries accountable, including securing the financial help they need for medical expenses and lost wages. A personal injury attorney can take on the burden of investigating a construction accident for victims, so that injured workers and their families can concentrate on healing.

Recently, the New Jersey Law Journal featured an article on why investigations are crucial to helping victims bring those responsible to justice. Due to the fact that construction companies and their insurance providers have a major financial stake in the outcome of construction accident cases, they will begin investigating the incident immediately.

Often, insurance companies will have investigators onsite that same day. Therefore, it is important that injured workers have a representative at the accident scene as well investigating on their behalf. This can help prevent key evidence from being covered up and many times, evidence gathered immediately after a construction accident, if properly preserved, can be the difference between victims securing a favorable outcome in their case or not.

The New Jersey construction accident attorneys at Keefe Law Firm have been successfully helping injured workers and their families hold those at fault for their injuries accountable for years, including recovering several multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for clients.

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