Judge C. Judson Hamlin — New Appointee to the Middlesex District Ethics Committee

Photo of Lawyer Judson Hamlin headshot, round

Have you ever wondered how the attorneys of New Jersey are regulated? It is a responsibility of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, but this important body does not take on the task of monitoring the state’s lawyers on its own. Several committees are set up to investigate and prosecute charges brought against attorneys, and now a member of Keefe Law Firm will be helping with this task.

Judge C. Judson Hamlin (Ret.) Joins the District Ethics Committee of Middlesex

This year, Retired Judge C. Judson Hamlin—of counsel to Keefe Law Firm — was honored with an appointment to the District Ethics Committee of Middlesex County. He will join other members of the committee to investigate and prosecute grievances against attorneys in our state. This helps maintain the state’s high ethical standards and holds attorneys accountable for their actions.

The New Jersey Supreme Court appoints volunteers to committees from different regions of the state. Members of these committees are chosen from attorneys and private citizens who volunteer to serve four-year terms as they try to determine if reported actions violate ethical conduct.

Meeting regularly every month, the committee will conduct internal investigations to determine if questionable behavior merits sanctions. If the committee finds grounds for sanctions, then the severity of these measures will be determined and then approved by the State’s Disciplinary Review Board. The New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics both supports and oversees these committees. All final disciplinary actions are carried out by the Supreme Court of New Jersey after reviewing the recommended sanctions.

The New Jersey Civil Trial Attorneys of Keefe Law Firm would like to congratulate Judge Hamlin for such an honorable appointment.