Meet Judge C. Judson Hamlin: Mediator and Arbitrator

Judge Hamlin (ret.)

Our law firm feels honored to have not one, but two former judges serving of counsel. In this video, Judge C. Judson Hamlin explains his background and how he became a trial lawyer. He later was a judge in civil court for a number of years before leaving the bench. At the Keefe Law Firm, Judge Hamlin now works with attorneys and their clients for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a mediator and arbitrator. Judge Hamlin concentrates his law practice on arbitration and mediation for many types of civil cases, working to bring parties together in a mutually beneficial way.

Video Transcription:

My name is Judd Hamlin. The real name is C. Judson Hamlin, very magisterial. I am of counsel to the Keefe Firm and I’ve been working in their New Brunswick Office for the last five years, and Judge Keefe and I have been comrades at the law firm for the last 50 years. I’m the first member of my family to ever go to High School, much less College, Law School, I did some time in the army and I went to law school after I got out of the army. I clerked for a very astute judge who later went on to the appellate division. As I said Judge Keefe and I are contemporaries. I was always involved as a trial lawyer. I focus on, since I’ve left the bench, and I don’t represent individual clients, what I do is what we call ADR, Alternate Dispute Resolution. I provide a service to lawyers who represent parties who can’t settle cases themselves and would like to resolve cases, sometimes worth a great deal of money and sometimes for their contentious issues, and I bring them together and we sit down and we try to reach a solution where they can finish the case without appeals with some certainty about what the result should be and hopefully if I do it right, they will leave happy.