When Does Workplace Behavior Become a Discrimination Lawsuit?

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When it comes to working in the state of New Jersey, employers have certain duties to their employees. One of those duties involves making the work environment feel safe. However, when the comments and actions of management or fellow employees crosses the line, that duty can be compromised. When this happens, a discrimination lawsuit can be filed. Here are two such occasions that recently played out in New Jersey courts.

What Kind of Behavior Can Cause a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?

A Jewish man was working as a tax and utility clerk for Wall Township back in 1999 when his coworkers began teasing him. Township employees allegedly used anti-Semitic slurs in the man’s presence and Nazi propaganda was reportedly placed in his work area. Supervisors were apparently present when some of these comments were made, but according to the Jewish man, little was done to correct the behavior.

After suffering in this hostile work environment, the man had to go on disability leave. He would eventually file a discrimination lawsuit due to his alleged economic losses and emotional distress.

In another case that recently settled, a former state trooper accused the State Police of a pattern of racial discrimination. He discovered this behavior while working in the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. However, once he had reported the pattern, the trooper claimed that he was repeatedly denied promotions. He was also transferred six times over the course of seven years.

This suspicious treatment led to the former trooper filing a lawsuit against the State Police.

In both of these lawsuits, the victims faced alleged discrimination that turned their workplace toxic. However, they resisted the temptation to accept this treatment and actually filed lawsuits against their employers. Their efforts show that every worker can make a difference and encourage more people to fight against these work conditions. If you ever face this kind of adversity while working your job, be sure to contact an attorney. The laws of the state of New Jersey can protect you, but only if you pursue the justice you deserve.

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