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Hip replacement is a common procedure in geriatric medicine. Replacements are also used to address injuries in young adults. The implant device itself is made to take the place of the ball and socket section of the hip. Most devices consist of a metal ball that interacts with a metal cup.

Although hip replacements used to be made out of ceramic or metal/polyethylene material, metal is the standard nowadays. Metal implants provide more durability and reliability but they also come with more risk. Over the years these cobalt or chromium based devices have caused serious health problems in patients. Hip replacement lawsuit attorneys are helping to keep the manufacturers of these devices accountable for the injuries they cause.

A Brief History of Hip Replacement Problems

Over the past few decades, thousands of hip replacement patients have brought lawsuits against manufacturers. Many patients suffered from metal poisoning when parts of the implant shaved off during use and entered the bloodstream. Others claimed they experienced significant pain and swelling from the devices. Well-known companies such as Johnson and Johnson eventually stopped manufacturing these devices due to all the complications. Lawsuits are still being filed today for those who are realizing the products are not living up to their suggested 10 to 15-year lifespan.

Product Liability of Manufacturers

The main legal theory used to hold hip replacement manufacturers liable is product liability. In this type of case, hip replacement lawsuit attorneys argue that the devices are inherently flawed in design. Alternatively, they might allege that the injury occurred due to a manufacturing defect. One additional theory of liability is that the manufacturer failed to give adequate warning of the dangers associated with the product.

In a design defect case, your attorney will put forth evidence proving that the design was faulty and failed prematurely. In some cases, plaintiffs have been persuaded to undergo additional surgeries (revisions) by the manufacturers. These additional surgeries often present more risk than the initial procedure. It is fairly common for revision patients to suffer from infections, damaged internal tissue and extreme pain. Injuries suffered from additional procedures may qualify as another cause of action against the defendant company.

Know the Signs of Hip Replacement Complications

If you have undergone hip replacement surgery it is imperative that you recognize when the device is causing you harm. Aside from pain and discomfort, there are other symptoms that may point to a complication. Our hip replacement lawsuit attorneys suggest paying close attention to popping or grinding sounds, redness or swelling, rashes or unevenness in leg length. If you suspect something is awry, a blood test can reveal whether you have metallosis, or an unusual concentration of metals in the bloodstream. Testing can also determine whether you are suffering from osteolysis or specific types of infections.

If your physician confirms that you have a hip replacement complication it is necessary to take some important steps. First, you should be sure to obtain and preserve all medical records related to the incident. Next, make sure you don’t give your current medical records to the hip replacement manufacturer. Likewise, don’t allow companies to talk you into a release of records. Your medical situation should be reviewed by our hip replacement lawsuit attorneys before you speak with other parties.

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Representative Verdicts and Settlements for Product Liability Cases

  • $5,000,000 for clients implanted with recalled hip implants
  • $2,000,000 for clients implanted with defective hip replacements
  • $1,250,000 for a defective product which caused a permanent eye injury
  • $425,000 for a recalled infusion medical device