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Fighting for Aviation Crash Victims

Within a six-month period between 2018 and 2019, two Boeing 737 Max jets crashed, causing the deaths of nearly 350 people. The aircraft’s MCAS anti-stall software was a common link. While Boeing acknowledged the MCAS’s role in the crashes, Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO stated that the MCAS was one link in a chain of events that caused the crashes and suggested that pilot error was also a contributing factor.

Despite technological advances in aviation engineering, FAA oversight, pilot training and a host of other safety improvements and protocols, accidents involving airplanes and helicopters continue to cause serious injuries and fatalities to thousands of people every year.

General Aviation Accidents–Small and Private Plane Risk

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In the U.S. the largest percentage of airplane accidents occurred in “general aviation” flights, which consist of all domestic civilian flights except scheduled commercial trips. As per National Transportation Safety Board 2017 aviation statistics there were 1,316 aircraft accidents; 94% of those involved general aviation flights consisting of small or private planes or jets used for private personal or business travel.

Our New Jersey aviation accident lawyers handle accidents involving private planes, commercial airliners and helicopters. We will investigate the crash to determine if it was caused by pilot error, FAA violations, aircraft design defects or structural problems, shoddy production, inclement weather, engine failures, maintenance failure, flight service station employee or air-traffic controller negligence–or a combination of these factors.

Through settlement negotiation with insurance companies or via litigation, our personal injury and product liability attorneys work hard to recover the maximum compensation for victims and their families.

How Can an Airplane or Helicopter Accident Lawyer Help Me?

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Aircraft accident cases are extremely complex and often involve multiple defendants. Our team of lawyers, paralegals and investigators will thoroughly investigate your accident to identify every potentially responsible party. Our attorneys are experienced in complex and technical litigation matters such as:

  • Commercial aviation accidents
  • Private plane crashes
  • Charter plane accidents
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Mechanical and engine failures
  • De-icing failure
  • Federal Aviation Administration violations
  • National Transportation Safety Board violations
  • Failure to properly maintain the aircraft
  • Pilot error or negligence
  • Runway collisions
  • Severe weather

We work with experts to determine the cause of the accident. Throughout the process, you can trust that our aviation accident lawyers will be attentive to your needs. We will explore all of your options and alternatives and take all legal measures to maximize compensation from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports and insurance companies.

How Does an Attorney Determine What Caused a Plane Crash?

Airplanes and other FAA-approved aircraft are skillfully designed with multiple safety procedures to ensure a safe flight. If an accident occurred it is likely that someone made a critical mistake. The job of an aviation attorney is to find out how and why.

Liability is not identified until thorough and precise investigations are conducted. This includes obtaining and reviewing witness statements, security camera and other video documentation, black box and ATC data, maintenance history records, human factors,  precise weather data and more.

Settlements in aviation cases often include pain and suffering, medical bills, and past and future loss of wages. If a fatal accident occurs, the victim’s relatives may be eligible for loss of support, funeral expenses, and damages that the deceased would have provided to family members.

If the airplane accident involves a major airline, an experienced aviation accident attorney is essential in defending against the corporation and their legal teams.

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