How to Check on Family and Friends Near the Hoboken Train Crash

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You have likely heard by now that a major crash in Hoboken, New Jersey has injured 75 people after a transit train slammed through a station during rush-hour. One person has died and others were taken to nearby hospitals with critical injuries.

No details on the cause of the crash are known at this time, but witnesses describe the train approaching the terminal at high speeds and coming off the rails before slamming into the station. It is possible the crash occurred because the train was not equipped with positive control technology that could have stopped it from leaving the rails. According to the Department of Transportation, New Jersey Transit employees were not taught to use this train control technology.

Governor Chris Christie has told the press that all of the trapped passengers have been removed from the train.

This is no doubt very concerning news, and people are anxious to see if loved ones and friends are unharmed. We are going to walk you through how to use Facebook’s Safety Check service.

How Does Facebook Safety Check Work?

Facebook’s Safety Check sends notifications to people in areas where an accident or disaster has occurred to let friends and family members know they are unhurt.

By visiting the Safety Check page, you can see a list of friends and family members in the area who have checked in as “safe”. You can search for friends using profile information if they do not appear on the Safety Check page. For those who have not checked in yet, you can click “ask if safe” to send them additional notifications. Facebook also suggests clicking on the person’s name and leaving a comment if they have not used Safety Check.

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