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Burn Injury Lawyers NJOf the many types of injuries the human body can sustain, a burn injury is perhaps the most traumatic and damaging to a person’s physical and mental health. Unlike people that suffer broken bones or torn ligaments, a badly burned survivor may wear visible scars for a lifetime. When a person is exposed to extreme fire, heat or an explosion, their fight or flight response kicks in and the victim often remembers little about the accident except for the need to get away. Survivors often suffer from shock which reduces blood flow to the organs, further hampering the ability to recall accident details.  Even when the person gets away from the heat source, the skin cells and tissue continue to be damaged or destroyed.


Burn Severity Levels

Burn Injury Severity Levels

First degree burns damage the top layer of skin called the epidermis. First degree burns are labeled superficial and the body can heal itself quickly by creating new, healthy cells in a process called epithelialization. First degree burns are often caused by sunburn or scalds, appear pink to red, can be painful with swelling, and typically leave no scarring.

Second degree burns affect the epidermis plus the second layer of skin called the dermis. The dermis contains blood vessels, lymph vessels, hair follicles, oil glands, and sweat glands. Second degree burns can range from superficial to partial thickness depending upon the extent of the damage. The body can heal itself from second degree burns, however scarring and thickening frequently occur and healing can take up to six months. Doctors often recommend skin grafts for second degree burns due to these factors.

Third degree burns involve all layers of the skin and destroy all of the epidermis and dermis, as well as nerves, hair, glands and vessels. Because of the damage caused by third degree burns, the body cannot repair itself and skin grafts are necessary to prevent infection. 

Fourth-degree burns involves deeper injury to fat, muscles, tendons and even bones. The burn is often black and frequently, the burned part of the body must be surgically removed or amputated.  


Types of Burn Injuries

Thermal Burn
These are common burns typically resulting from contact with very hot objects, scalding liquids, steam, or open flames.

Chemical Burn
A chemical burn results when a person’s skin comes in contact with a toxic or caustic substance such as lye or hypochlorite bleach.

Flash Burn
A flash burn occurs during an explosion and will be more severe the closer the person is to the explosion’s center.

Inhalation Injury
There are several sources of inhalation injuries; heat inhalation, systemic toxins and smoke inhalation. When a person is subjected to an inhalation injury, damage to their eyes and/or lung result.


The Main Culprits of Severe Burn Injuries

Burn injury victimMotor Vehicle Accidents 

When people are involved in a motor vehicle crash, they are at risk for first through fourth degree burns plus inhalation injury due to a possible explosion, metal-on-metal friction, extreme heat temperatures and smoke inhalation.

Industrial and Workplace Accidents

Fires kill more Americans than any other kind of natural disaster, while more Americans die in plants and factories than any other country. With fuel and other highly flammable materials on virtually every industrial site, workplace burn accidents burns cause hundreds of injuries every year. Industrial burns are often more intense than residential fires due to they types of hazardous materials involved. And, chemical burns result in much more serious injuries to victims.

Workplace Accidents

Employees are at risk for burn injuries when open flames, sparks, electrical currents, flammable and corrosive chemicals, gases and other toxic substances are regularly on the jobsite. New Jersey employers are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment and are required by law to adhere to OSHA and PEOSH safety regulations. Sometimes, in the drive for profits, they deliberately decide to not comply with safety regulations.


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